On the Way Media is a production company based in Argentina and run by people with over 15 years of experience in covering news, producing features and documentaries. We offer global coverage in the region for TV and other multimedia networks. We are always innovating in content and looking for new collaborators with experience on the field. Our aim is to embrace the latest technologies and format trends in the global world.

Recently we have created a joint venture with Fixer-Argentina so as to optimize our field production services with top fixers.


Anselmo Estrada with 15 years experience as a post-production editor and motion graphics use, he is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.He has worked for Greenpace media campaings in Australia, Indonesia, London and others countries around the globe. Oficially editor of Avid Media Composer, he also is familiarized on Adobe Premiere, FCP7 and FCPx. After Effects, Cinema 3d, linux and Nuke. His specialty on short films, video clips, advertisement and corporate videos lead him to work with the most outstanding brands such as MTV, HYUNDAI, WORLDBANK, VH1, and Many others.

Anselmo plays a key role in the development of the new live streaming service OMTV offers.
Emiliano Fabris has more than 20 years of experience as a cameraman and has spent more than a decade working for various international media as BBC, AFP, Reuters, RedGlobo, CCTV, Al Jazeera. Emiliano has regularly traveled across the region of Latin America covering breaking news and other media stories such as the earthquake in Pisco, Peru, several political events in Venezuela, the earthquake and tsunami in Chile, the rescue of the 33 Chilean miners in the Atacama desert, the search for the missing students in Axotzinapa, Mexico and varied interest and feature stories in Ecuador and Argentina.

OMTV is grateful to count with Emiliano’s refine and acute eye.
Nico Muñoz is an experienced video journalist and producer that has been working as a freelancer, gathering News and Features for AP Television for eleven years. Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina he regularly gets commissioned both nationally and internationally to cover current affairs and breaking news assignments by multiple foreign broadcasters. He is the regional media collaborator for SNTV(U.K.) and AP GMS, has co-ordinated coverage of international sporting events such as the World Cup and relevant stories in the region: Miner's Rescue, Chile's Earthquake, Chavez Funeral. He produced long and short film documentary’s for Broadcasters,such as Aljazeera, Fusion, VRT, ARTE, Univision, CCTV as well as independent producers.

Heading up ..... Nico is now looking to combine his vast experience and provide a comprehensive platform for professional collaborators and media clients looking for coverage of stories, themes and events from throughout South America, according with the new standards on telling stories.

Nico has gathered the best professionals on news field and documentary production to create OMTV.
Ivan Pisarenko with more than six years of travel experience across the Americas, combines expertise in visual media with an acute understanding of diverse communities and how to navigate the challenges of unfamiliar locations. His 17,000-mile motorcycle journey from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego gained international attention. Such experience has proved invaluable in honing not only the key skills of his visual-media work but also in navigating the unforeseen challenges that can arrive in such circumstances. Now Ivan lists problem solving as one of his key capacities. Since then, he has covered breaking news for APTN, ITN and AFP and produced special programs for CCTV.

OMTV team is proud to claim Ivan Pisarenko as an integral member.
Leo La Valle is a photographer and video journalist with 15 years of experience. He has covered Latin America extensively for the international media, working on stories such as the Bolivian gas war, earthquakes in Chile, Pope visit to Paraguay and FIFA World Cup and countless summits and presidential campaigns among others. Leo specializes in DSLR shooting and creative cinematography. He works with international agencies such as APTN and Perform Group covering all kinds of news in the region. He coordinates teams work and his experience is important for coverages that turns out complex.

OMTV considers unvaluable Leo’s expertise.